Thinking in the open

I was intrigued to see an email tutorial from Amazon pop up on Twitter recently, containing a template and copy from Gary Provost.

Seeing thought around the design and content of email communication is always interesting.

But it also provided a useful prompt to think a bit about what I might need to look at to improve the quality/impact of our own email bulletins. I’ve shared some of these thoughts below.

Wherever possible start with the outcome you want your email communication to achieve thinking about what outcomes are possible. Have this in mind as you approach everything else.

We need to understand who we’re communicating with, have we identified the audience and do we know enough about them. And what does our insight tell us about what they need.

What does a compelling call to action look like for the audience and have we made sure all the content leads to it.

How can all aspects of design make the email easier to navigate for our readers. Thinking about images, typeface, colour, graphic presentation.

Let’s work hard to make the language we use and the way we write as engaging as possible. We want our words to have impact. And our audience to enjoy reading our content.

Stay as flexible as possible. Different audiences need different things. Different messages need to achieve different things. And just because you have one approach doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone.