Allotment Diary #2

Tiny Frog!!!

Fruit and veg isn’t the only new life in the allotment at this time of the year. We have a tiny pond that’s played home to frog spawn, then tadpoles and now an actual frog.

Coming across it as I cleared away the long grass where it was hiding, and watching it hop away was the most surprising and pleasurable moments of a day spent more in toil than anything else.

It’s also a reminder of how much joy sharing your space with other types of life can be. There’s a part of the allotment that’s pond, wild flowers and grass. I’m sure it looks scruffy to others and could easily give us several more beds. But I’d much rather leave that space alone for other creatures to use and enjoy being in their presence.

What else has been happening:

  • Harvested some spinach and rhubarb
  • Cleared the paths around the beds
  • Despaired at the slugs feasting on broccoli


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